At Innovair Industrial you can always count on us for responsive service and supply, innovative applications and the latest in welding and cutting equipment technology. Through our new partnership with Tranlsas, we are excited to bring new innovative welding products to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Translas is a high-quality Dutch welding gun manufacturer that specializes in innovative safety technology to improve each welder’s environment; making Translas’ products the perfect addition to Innovair's existing offering. If you would like to learn more about Translas and their products, continue reading.

About Translas

Founded "by welders, for welders," in 1960, Translas specializes in distinctive, high-quality welding guns and safety products. The company is focused on welder safety, bringing a strong emphasis to hazard reduction by minimizing exposure to toxic fumes. Higher productivity, improved worker satisfaction and better profits are the natural results of a healthier work environment.

Mission: Retain the welders we have and minimize the welder shortage in North America.

Vision: Globally reduce workers' exposure to hazardous fumes and provide a healthier and safer work environment whilst remaining sustainable.

Values: We engineer innovative products that boast a distinctive design, quality and functionality.

Recently entering the Canadian distribution market, the goal is to positively enhance current manufacturing practices and technology, improving worker safety practices within the industry.

Translas Products

The offerings from Translas are centered on industrial safety, primarily in the welding environment. Translas specializes in two main areas, fume extraction and welding safety.

Fume Extraction

Translas manufactures MIG and TIG welding guns designed to extract noxious fumes, smoke and particulates directly at their source, through the welding process.

ClearO2 Portable Fume Extraction Units are designed specifically to run with Translas Extractor Welding Guns. They feature quiet operation, automatically start and stop with the arc strike feature built-in and have powerful filtration and extraction capabilities. They come in two sizes designed for one welder or two.

Welding Safety

Translas is a premier manufacturer of welding helmets with integrated Powered Air Purification Respirators, known as PAPR respirators. Intended for safe breathing in hazardous environments, Translas PAPR Welding Helmets deliver industry-leading protection for hazardous jobs.


Translas recently entered the robotics field, manufacturing fume extraction for collaborative welding robots (cobots) that feature fume extraction technology as part of their standard feature setup.

Tranlas Welding Guns

As part of this new partnership, Innovair will be offering Translas welding products. These high-quality Translas welding guns are designed to withstand real-world shops and extreme conditions, where tools must withstand the rigours of daily use. They also have replaceable switch modules to let you customize the gun to your needs. These are world-class tools for serious welders. Here are just a few popular models:

8XE MIG Extractor Welding Gun

The 8XE adds fume extraction with a ClearO2 Portable Extractor and associated hardware to extract fumes directly from the weld puddle.

8TE TIG Extractor Welding Gun

Available in industry-standard 17 and 30 sizes, these innovative TIG guns offer superior comfort, solid construction and advanced ergonomic design. The 8TE is capable of extracting up to 95% of harmful particulates directly from the welding process.

ClearO2 Portable Extractor Systems

These mobile units were originally made for the 7XE, 8XE, 8TE & 8XR Extractors. They're capable of removing up to 98% of hazardous welding fumes right at the gun tip. Dangerous gases, smoke and particulates are extracted before the welder can breathe them in. These systems are ready to roll to the work area and start welding.

Translas’ Centralised Hi-Vac Fume Extraction Solutions

Translas manufactures the ClearO2 CWIII High-Performance Central Vacuum System in sizes as large as 75HP to handle up to 40+ welders on a large fabrication floor. Each station has the ability to maintain airflow of 100 CFM for each extraction gun. Multiple filter choices include polyester cartridge filters that use automatic pulse jet cleaning and combination cyclone separators.

Translas also has Portable Giant Extractors with 1,200 CFM capability at the hood, fully adjustable arms and smooth bore tubing for no loss of air volume. The Translas Rollout Extractor is made to extract dry particulates from shop air and trap them. Healthier employees and a cleaner shop are the end result.

Our Partnership Moving Forward

Innovair is proud to partner with Translas on industry-leading air quality products and equipment for both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We welcome Translas to Western Canada and we're looking forward to improving the health, safety, and comfort of Canadian welders.

If you are interested in Translas products, email [email protected] or submit an inquiry form here.