Results You Can See — Better & Faster Than Ever

Innovair’s new state-of-the-art Filling Plant is our way of answering your call—for faster, more reliable fulfillment. For industry-leading accuracy and purity. For cylinders that are both easier to use and of greater integrity. 

Centrally located in Manitoba, this Filling Plant will use industry-leading automation so we can turn on a dime to respond to your most stringent and urgent requirements. 

Keep your eye on this page for updates as we prepare to revolutionize commercial and medical gas fulfillment in Canada.

Built To Enhance Your Operations

No More Frustrating Delays

We’re local. That means we understand what you need, and can get it to you on time. By building our new Filling Plant close to home, we ensure you’ll never have to worry about costly delays, long turnaround times, or being kept in the dark on the status of your order. It’s time to raise your expectations for gas fulfillment providers.

Flexible & Responsive

Our new Filling Plant will use state-of-the-art, industry leading automation technology to produce high purity and specialty gas. This will enable us to respond to changes in your demand more quickly and nimbly than any other supplier, while maintaining the quality and accuracy we’re known for.

Advanced Cylinder Technology

We’ve invested in new, modern cylinders to benefit your operations. Our cylinders are 23% lighter, with greater leak integrity, a better base, more stability, and clearer labels. Altogether, this means greater ease of use, lower risk of injury, and a reduced carbon footprint by reducing the weight of a full truckload by up to 4,000 lbs.