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Delivering solutions you can see 

Join the ranks of satisfied customers whom we’ve worked with since the 1940s. Innovair Industrial is the only gas and welding equipment distributor in Manitoba that offers comprehensive in-house and in-the-field services to support your business. 

Improve your business or industrial processes through innovative gas application solutions. Visit our showroom, warehouse and service areas for unparalleled access to products, sales and after-sales service that will keep your project and business running smoothly. 

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Custom solutions to augment your business

Innovair Automation is a robotic integration and advanced automation supply company that has focused on robotics in specific manufacturing processes in the Midwest, such as welding, assembly and material handling.

From off-the-shelf standard cells tooled for your parts, to fully-customized unique to your requirements, we rise to the challenge to deliver automation solutions that benefit your bottom line.

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Innovair Gas Program

Innovair has been a leader in Canada's gas industry for decades - and now we've taken the next step by offering on-site filling and distribution of more than 220 pure gases and gas blends. 

Customers from industries including medical, hospitality, and more have relied on us for years. We look forward to this unique opportunity to serve you better, faster, and more efficiently - with the quality and service you have come to expect from the Innovair group of companies.

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