How often do you stop to consider the make of your gas cylinders? Whether or not you realize it, a cylinder’s weight, cleanliness and build could have significant implications for your bottom line. 

At Innovair Group, we’re constantly evaluating our products and processes to identify opportunities to improve service for our customers. That’s why we’ve chosen Worthington Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial, specialty and medical gas cylinders, to be our new cylinder provider. 
We spoke with Gabi Zeilerbauer, Sales Director - Industrial Gas / Alt Fuels Light-Duty Vehicles, and Julia Schreivogl, Inside Sales Representative, from Worthington Cylinders’ Austria site, about the benefits Innovair customers can expect to receive from our switch to Worthington gas cylinders.

The little things add up

Over time, the weight, make and quality of your cylinders can mean a difference to your company’s time, money and efficiency. 

Heavier cylinders mean greater transportation costs, more difficult handling and a greater carbon footprint. A flat cylinder base increases safety risks caused by tipping, and poor-quality high-pressure cylinders need frequent replacing. Poor internal surface cleanliness can lead to a greater number of impurities in the gas, especially for specialty and medical gas applications. And worn, weathered paint can impact your customers’ perception of the quality you provide.

For over six decades, Worthington Industries has sought to address these challenges and more, while prioritizing safety, quality and productivity.  

Groundbreaking innovations

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Worthington Industries (NYSE:WOR) began as a metal-processing company and has evolved into a leading industrial manufacturer. Today, with 58 facilities across the globe—including four in Europe and a cylinder plant in Austria—they are known for  industry-leading products, as well as meeting the highest safety standards, on-time delivery, fast response times and proactive communication.

“Our cylinders are the lightest in the market, at least 10% lighter than European cylinders and nearly 20% to 30% lighter than those produced in Eastern Asia,” says Zeilerbauer. “Light-weight cylinders means lower transport costs, easy handling and a lower carbon footprint.”

Zeilerbauer says the benefits of investing in high-quality cylinders goes further than the purchase price alone. 

“A study on Total Cost of Ownership found out that choosing the right industrial gas cylinder is not just about the purchase price. With a Worthington Cylinder, you can save up to €100 (over $140 CAD) per cylinder, for the first 15 years in service. The true cost over a 50-year product lifespan goes even beyond”

Schreivogl adds that, for a Worthington cylinder, 50 years is just the beginning.

“Our high pressure cylinders last for at least 50 years, and up to 80,” she says. “Our engineers always strive for best-in-class production processes and product development. There are simply no worries with our cylinders from day one to the end of an extremely long service life.”

Worthington’s cylinder innovations go beyond weight and longevity. All Worthington cylinders offer superior internal surface cleanliness, narrow tolerance, a large standing circle which reduces tipping, and a superior corrosion-resistant paint finish to present well to customers. Industry-leading internal cleanliness standards mean Worthington cylinders are manufactured ready-for-use, from standard gas fillings to high-end sophisticated applications in specialty gases, including electronics and medical applications.

“Our goal is zero defects and a clear corporate priority on safety,” Zeilerbauer says. “It’s very important for our customers to have a safe cylinder. We are fully aware of the impact our safety standards have on the end user, and are dedicated to helping ensure people's safety.”

Worthington’s dedication to care extends to include the protection of our environment.

“We committed to environmentally friendly, socially responsible, profitable business models. We want to ensure that future generations can also enjoy a high quality of life,” Schreivogl says. “Worthington has dedicated, professional resources in sustainability to achieve Net 0 by 2040.”

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Visible results.

Innovair Group’s partnership with Worthington Industries comes in tandem with the development of our new local Filling Plant. As a result, Innovair customers can expect to receive even greater satisfaction—not only from the service we provide, but from world-class industry-leading cylinders as well. 

“You can trust in a long-term partnership with Worthington, in which we will listen to customer needs,” Zeilerbauer says, “and deliver best-in-class products and services – that are safe, innovative and sustainable.”