In the world of commercial and custom welding and machining, it’s a fact of life that even the best equipment will break down or require routine maintenance from time to time. And when certified warranty repairs aren’t close at-hand, the supply chain interruptions that entail can cost valuable time and money and customer relationships—and the challenges don’t stop there.

We spoke with Justin Dicks, Weld Supervisor at Kinetic Machine Works—Manitoba’s largest commercial and custom prototype machine shop—to learn about the difference a relationship with a certified warranty repair provider can make to a business’ output, bottom line, growth and reputation.  

Long-distance is hard

Unanticipated interruptions and shortages are the thorn in the side of every machine shop supervisor. Even if nothing is broken, regular wear and tear takes its toll over time, consumables need restocking and new projects require better ways of doing things. 

When your certified equipment repair provider is located a significant distance from your shop, lengthy turnaround times for repairs and supplies can cause a business significant stress—not only when it comes to meeting deadlines and unexpected costs, but also to customer satisfaction, reputation and the mental burden on management and staff. 

Finding a centrally located supplier who’s certified to provide repairs under warranty for your equipment, who can offer the supplies you need when you need them and advise your team about their best options, can greatly minimize downtime, reduce costs, benefit your reputation and reduce stress for busy shop managers. 

Home-grown results

Located in Selkirk, Manitoba, Kinetic Machine Works is a fast-growing company that provides large capacity custom and commercial industrial manufacturing for businesses across Western Canada. With more than 35 staff and over 30,000 square feet of shop space providing piece-to-production runs, it’s vital that all services, supplies and equipment work together as a well oiled machine.

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Prior to engaging Innovair Group’s certified warranty repair service, weld supervisor Justin Dicks often waited two weeks or more for repairs, parts and materials to come through.

“It compromises the job, when it takes that long,” says Dicks. “We would need to call our suppliers to schedule repair and delivery dates, which then takes a week or two because they’re located two provinces over. Or we’d try to fix it ourselves, which takes time because we know how to use the equipment but not necessarily how to fix it.”

Dicks says the inconvenience of relying on a central warehouse in another part of the country meant more work for him and his team.

“It slowed down production and customers aren’t happy when you’re pushing them off because of material and equipment delays,” says Dicks. “We had to work really hard to keep an eye on our supplies and materials, to try and anticipate when things would be used up, so we could get ahead of it before there were problems.”

Engaging Innovair Group’s certified warranty repair service helped Dicks mitigate the work required of his team, reduce unexpected costs and keep their production line running smoothly. 

“They know the machines, so they find the problems a lot faster and turn it around really quickly,” he says. “Sometimes they can even give us a temporary part so we can keep working without interruption.”

The quick turnaround afforded by the supplier’s local nature has also enabled his team to focus on their work without worrying about when or if the materials they need will arrive.

“If I ask for something that I need in the shop, they drop it off personally, usually the same day. It means we’re not losing production time, we’re not spending extra money, our clients are happier and we don’t need to monitor materials as closely. It’s less stress.”

How your business can benefit

Headshot photo of a man named Justin Dicks.
Justin Dicks, Welding Supervisor, Kinetic Machine Works Ltd.

Dicks says the benefits of working with a local supplier who’s certified to provide repairs, parts and materials under warranty extend beyond timely, consistent service.

“Because they know the machines and parts so well, they can educate us and help us find a better way of doing things,” he says. “When we need something fixed or replaced, they give us a list of options and pricing, explain how different products work for different applications and the implications, so we can make an informed decision. It helps us improve our knowledge, save costs and make better products.” 

Such a relationship can also help businesses have the confidence, security and credibility to win larger, long-term projects. 

“When you work with someone who has everything you could need on-hand and can repair your equipment quickly and properly, you can quote on some big jobs that require a lot of materials and supplies,” says Dicks. “And knowing you won’t need to send the equipment back if something’s done wrong, it creates a safer environment, saves a lot of time and helps you grow.”

Get visible results

A production line is only as strong as its weakest link. The stability, strength and peace of mind provided by certified warranty repair won’t just help you minimize production delays. It will help reduce costs, keep machines running better for longer and enable your team to focus on what they do best: producing quality, high calibre goods safely and consistently.

By providing you with equipment, material and application options, an expert partner can also help you find efficiencies and develop better products. Staff will benefit from the knowledge and expanded skill set this provides, and you can discover ways to enhance your product offering without breaking the bank.