We are proud to announce that today, July 1st, 2019, Welders Supplies is now Innovair Industrial. As we move forward, we continuously grow to meet the needs of our customers and we embrace this change to better represent who we are and what we offer. Together we will move forward with a new identity, but we will continue to encapsulate the same great philosophies we hold dear. 

We are still DEDICATED, pushing the boundaries, and never giving up.

We are still ENTHUSIASTIC; passionate and courageous, always creating innovative solutions.

We are still CARING; compassionate in our approach to people and problems, we put the needs of people and communities first.

Image of welders supplies and Innovair Industrial logo.

Though we have changed our identity, we are keeping and enhancing the values that we hold dear. We look forward to continue creating innovative solutions for all. 

Thank you to our customers for your support. We are excited to continue growing with you.