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  • Translas fume extraction system for MIG/TIG welding.

    Welding Safely with Translas Products

    At Innovair Industrial you can always count on us for responsive service and supply, innovative applications and the latest in welding and cutting equipment technology. Through our new partnership with Tranlsas, we are excited to bring new innovative welding products to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Translas is a high-quality Dutch welding gun manufacturer that specializes in innovative safety technology to improve each welder’s environment; making Translas’ products the perfect addition to Innovair's existing offering. ...

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    Industrial Hygienists On Managing Welding Fumes


    The welding process, the joining of metal parts by melting the pieces and filling the joint with molten metal, creates a toxic plume of metals, smoke and gasses. Fortunately, this risk to health can be controlled with good work practices, good equipment, improved ventilation, and appropriate respirators where required. The methods that will control the biggest hazard, the metal fumes, will also control all airborne hazards.

    The following is a summary of the readily available controls for “welding ...

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    Industrial Hygienists On The Hazards of Welding

    Welding is found in many industries. It is a method of joining metal parts by melting the pieces and filling the joint with molten metal. This requires high temperatures of 3,000 - 25,000oC.

    The high temperatures needed for welding results in many toxic materials being released into the air. The source of the toxic materials includes the base metals being welded, electrode metal, flux material, coatings, residues, oils, rust inhibitors, solvent- based paints, and primers on the base metal. This airborne ...

  • Get Ready to See Translas Products at Innovair Industrial!

    Translas is a manufacturer of high-quality Dutch fume extraction technology that was established in 1960. The products that they create are the highest quality fume extraction guns on the market and would be an excellent addition to anyone who needs to maintain safe and clean air in their work environment.

    Innovair Industrial is proud to be the sole distributor of Translas products in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. If you would like to schedule a demonstration of Translas' fume extraction technology, ...