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    Innovair + Worthington: Our Connections Make Us Stronger

    How often do you stop to consider the make of your gas cylinders? Whether or not you realize it, a cylinder’s weight, cleanliness and build could have significant implications for your bottom line. 

    At Innovair Group, we’re constantly evaluating our products and processes to identify opportunities to improve service for our customers. That’s why we’ve chosen Worthington Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial, specialty and medical gas cylinders, to be our new cylinder ...

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    The Value of Microbulk

    Microbulk is an externally installed liquid gas tank that can hold gas longer. It’s a turn-key solution that makes gas supply easy and worry-free. Keep on reading to learn how Microbulk makes gas supply the best part of your job.

    What makes microbulk different?

    To learn what makes microbulk different, we need to take a look at the other gas supply options.

    Gas Cylinders

    Gas Cylinder Packs are one of the most popular types of gas supply. They gained this popularity by being quick to install, easy to use, and having no start-up ...

  • Translas fume extraction system for MIG/TIG welding.

    Welding Safely with Translas Products

    At Innovair Industrial you can always count on us for responsive service and supply, innovative applications and the latest in welding and cutting equipment technology. Through our new partnership with Tranlsas, we are excited to bring new innovative welding products to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Translas is a high-quality Dutch welding gun manufacturer that specializes in innovative safety technology to improve each welder’s environment; making Translas’ products the perfect addition to Innovair's existing offering. ...

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    Industrial Hygienists On Managing Welding Fumes


    The welding process, the joining of metal parts by melting the pieces and filling the joint with molten metal, creates a toxic plume of metals, smoke and gasses. Fortunately, this risk to health can be controlled with good work practices, good equipment, improved ventilation, and appropriate respirators where required. The methods that will control the biggest hazard, the metal fumes, will also control all airborne hazards.

    The following is a summary of the readily available controls for “welding ...