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  • Vendor Managed Inventory Systems: More Than Meets The Eye

    In the world of manufacturing, inventory and throughput are inextricably linked. Any interruption in the former can mean shortcomings in the latter, resulting in decreased efficiency, profits and customer satisfaction. This has led some of today’s most innovative companies to incorporate vendor managed inventory systems (VMI systems) into their daily operations.

    We sat down with production and operations managers from K-Tec Earthmovers and Novid Inc. to discuss the implications of integrated VMI and ...

  • How CPAP Changed My Life: Seeing Results

    This is Part 4 of a four-part article. For Part 1, click here. For Part 2, click here. For Part 3, click here.

    In Part 3, I described my experiences with CPAP therapy, my adjustment to therapy, and how I used the available settings on my machine to make the therapy more comfortable. In this final part, I shall discuss the benefits I have experienced in the two and a half years since I first began therapy.

    After I had been using the machine consistently for a couple of months, I started to notice that I was much less ...

  • How Certified Repairs Can Help Your Business Grow

    In the world of commercial and custom welding and machining, it’s a fact of life that even the best equipment will break down or require routine maintenance from time to time. And when certified warranty repairs aren’t close at-hand, the supply chain interruptions that entail can cost valuable time and money and customer relationships—and the challenges don’t stop there.

    We spoke with Justin Dicks, Weld Supervisor at Kinetic Machine Works—Manitoba’s largest commercial and custom prototype machine ...

  • How CPAP Changed My Life: Adjusting To New Experiences

    This is Part 3 of a four-part article. For Part 1, click here. For Part 2, click here.

    In Part 2, I discussed some of the features of my machine, the Medigas monitoring process, and my experiences with the beginning stages of CPAP therapy. As I continued to use the machine regularly, I noticed that my sleep quality was improving. I was also starting to notice that I was far less fatigued during the daytime than I had been even a few months before.

    There were definitely times that I grew frustrated ...