Considering a Robot or Automating Your Process?

Before we build your application, we’ll assess your project to determine how many parts can be welded or produced within the capabilities of various system designs. This takes into consideration the size of robot, positioner and fixtures most effective for your needs, the robotic options and features you require, and the cost of implementing a working robotic system at your facility.

First-time Buyers

It is a big decision to implement automation into your facility because it requires a significant capital expenditure for your business. We are here to help with this decision.

Enlist our team to introduce you to robotics and explore the infinite possibilities within your production systems. By working with us, we will dramatically boost your knowledge and confidence in the subject. As your project progresses, we will support the knowledge transfer that is required for successful implementation and can help you learn the key details for effectively operating a robotic system.

Turn-key Solutions

We can provide you with a pre-engineered (off-the-shelf) robotic welding system from ABB or FANUC. If lead time is a consideration, these options can be a good solution.

For products that are unique or have a unique production facility, you can take advantage of our experience as we design and build customized cells that can better suit your operation. This custom option is only marginally more expensive than the off-the-shelf solution and provides many additional benefits. Future serviceability is assured as we use standard components in the design.


The first step is to asses your project and determine what options might be available to provide the greatest benefit to productivity. Examples of these options include size of robot, size and type of positioner and tooling methods. You can trust the IA team to provide exceptional value in these concepts.


We construct an entirely virtual environment for you before you commit cash to capital. Our simulation allows you to see how your parts fit within the robot’s environment (specifically its reach) and will help verify estimated cycle times. The simulation is a valuable tool that can help you to see the amazing effects of automation in your facility.

Cost Analysis & Feasibility

We know that a large project such as robot integration does not go ahead unless it makes financial sense. Using your production data, we run simulations and asses the numbers to ensure that the automation will reduce your expenses while increasing your output. We provide feasibility studies as a standard offer, please contact us to discuss your application in greater detail.

Cycle Time

Lower your operating costs and boost your productivity with a "new hire" that is capable of working 24/7. The adage that robots don’t take breaks is true; as long as parts can be supplied to the system, it continues to work. In welding, arc-on time is a key performance indicator; a robot with a positioner can manipulate the part remarkably faster than manual operation, this reduces the total cycle time for the task significantly.

Engineering Solutions

We are engineers first. A lot of thought, consideration and evaluation goes into creating a robotic work cell. Innovair Automation’s combined 50 years of experience in developing turn-key robotic solutions at an affordable price point is what sets us apart. 

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