Robotic Fixtures

Fixtures, for welding and assembly purposes, can be designed to suit your budget. Starting from basic laser-cut steel profiles to more advanced designs with pneumatic clamping, hardened surfaces and shim packs. The tool design will accommodate the part tolerances and project cost. Fixtures can also be designed for manual tacking and welding methods. We want to see you get the most out of your new, or existing, robot cell; we are dedicated to finding ways to help you make good parts. 

Manual Clamping

Our robotic engineering team excels at designing and manufacturing custom robotic welding fixtures that will adapt to multiple variations of your parts while maximizing your available work envelope. This lower-cost option is highly flexible and reliable. With many projects already completed, we have successfully turned theoretical plans into working fixtures.

Pneumatic Clamping

As certain project parameters increase, such as production volumes, part count, or physical size of the weldment, there comes a time when automated clamping becomes feasible and cost-effective.  During the feasibility study, we may come to this conclusion and suggest the use of pneumatics. By implementing automated clamping, the “arc-off” time of the cycle time can be greatly reduced. Our team can design and build welding fixtures that will increase productivity and be easier to use.

Robotic Welding Framework

The framework is what we call the interface between the fixture and the positioner.  Depending upon the size of your parts, this could either be a straightforward tooling plate, a window frame, a centre beam, or a quick-change adapter. Our experts can determine the framework that suits your individual needs perfectly.

Bolt-in Framework

To build a custom Bolt-In Framework system, we start by assessing the space between each part of the robot cell.  Then we create bolting locations in those spaces that allow us to connect the fixtures to the common framework on the positioner.  For parts that will be in production for long periods, this is an economical and practical method.

Flexible Framework System

To develop a Flexible Framework system that accommodates an increase in production mix, we utilize Siegmund modular tooling components. By using these precise and hardened components, we can reduce costs and change-over times between fixtures. For larger components, we developed heavy-duty adapters that allow the entire fixture to be swapped out for another in just a few minutes.

Re-tooling Existing Robotic Cells or Fixtures

Do you have an existing robot system that is not be being fully utilized?  Our team can help turn that robot into a productive member of your team. Whether it is maintenance servicing, programming adjustments, or scanning your current parts to determine which would be best suited for your current robot, we can help you get the most value out of your robot.

Maintenance Services

Our technical experts can come to your facility and inspect your robot for possible maintenance needs. We can help with BIOS battery problems, resolver issues, provide recommended preventative maintenance, or troubleshoot peripheral component issues.

Programming Services

Whether it’s just a slight change to a weld length due to an ECN, an updated version of a part, or a completely new part, we can take care of your re-programming needs.  To initiate a request, send us the drawings (and weld details) of your parts, along with CAD models and a recent backup from your system.  With this information, we can put together a quote for you and begin the process of programming.

Design for Manufacturability

Often a new robot implementation coincides with a new product launch. Involving us early on, before the release of the design, opens up possibilities of making your design even better. With our experience, we can make suggestions for small adjustments to your design that will make the production of your parts easier for years to come. If we are working on a robot project with you, there is no charge for this kind of consultation. We are hardwired to continuously look for improvement possibilities.

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While our focus is on robotics and engineering, we offer the many products that can also assist in improving operational productivity in your factory.

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