Positioning Systems

The ALM positioners are high-quality American-made positioners with customizable options that can be tailored to your specific needs. Headstock and Tailstock positioners provide improved access for both welding and assembly. With various options, you can customize your positioner to suit your specific operation. These positioners offer elevation (vertical height adjustment) and tilting (axial rotation) to facilitate improved ergonomics and productivity.  The Headstock and Tailstock units can either be mobile to provide enhanced flexibility in your shop, or fixed in place. For added capability, the drop center Headstock and Tailstock positioners provide additional ranges of motion. If working with limited space, the Elevating Skyhook positioner is an excellent solution for providing extensive weld access to your parts.

Innovair Automation can help you determine which positioner will solve your specific needs and provide you with the visible results you are looking for. Contact us to learn more.

Cutting Systems

Cutting tables can feature an oxy-fuel torch, a basic air plasma, more powerful high-definition plasma, or even a combination of both oxy and plasma. A plasma cutting machine can cut sheet, plate, and with an additional rotary axis, can also process round or rectangular tube. Cutting tables range in size from small 4’x4’ to impressive 25’x250’ systems.

All of our plasma systems feature the Hypertherm power source. High speed, high definition and X-definition are some of the plasma systems that can be used with either a downdraft or water table style of cutting bed.

AKS Cutting Systems

AKS cutting machines are high-quality, powerful, and are more cost-effective than laser cutting systems. AKS is a family-owned business that focuses exclusively on developing, building and selling cutting systems.

Koike Aranson Cutting Machines

Koike offers cutting machines built to provide quality, accuracy, and reliability for the life of the machine. Whether the application is light industrial, research and development, or a full production manufacturing shop, there is a Koike solution to meet most needs and budgets.

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