Fronius TranSteel and
TransSteel Pulse

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Innovair Industrial is proud to offer you the full lineup of Fronius TransSteel and TransSteel Pulse products! The TransSteel combines the best in class results with incredible value. You’ve never seen or felt a welding machine like this.

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The Lineup

TransSteel 2200

Single Phase

Transsteel 220i case study photo: a person welding.
Compact multi-process like nothing you’ve seen!
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The TransSteel 2200 is your ideal partner. With up to 220 amps, its advanced features will make short work of your welding challenges. Come try it today or schedule a demo!

  • No spool gun needed for aluminum welding.
  • Flexible voltages, 230V or 120V and won’t trip fuses!
  • Light at 33 lbs (15kg).
  • Easily works off generators.

TransSteel 3000c Pulse


Image of a TransSteel PW.
Compact, yet will defy all your expectations!
Image of Transsteel pulse product offered by Innovair Group.

The TransSteel 3000c Pulse produces the same incredible results as its larger brothers, but with a compact integrated wire-feeder. See quality like you’ve never seen before. From its robust power source, to the end of the torch, you’ll feel the difference in a Fronius system. Come try it today or schedule a demo!

  • Compact 4-roll drive system provides perfect wire feeding for all filler metals.
  • Incredible visual results with the SynchroPulse welding program making your welds have that “TIG like” stacked dime appearance.
  • Multi-Process packages available.

TransSteel 4000 & 5000 Pulse


Image of a TransSteel Pulse machine
Powerful perfection.
Transsteel Pulse case study photo.

Your new workhorse. With up to 500 amps, advanced pulse processes, flexible input voltages, and reliability like no other system, you’ll wonder why you would want anything else. Come try it today or schedule a demo!

  • Perfect wire feeding every time. Fronius three-phase systems have four roller feeders which work perfectly with any filler metals.
  • Steel or aluminum, Fronius SynchroPulse welding program gives you an incredible “TIG like” stacked dime appearance on many materials with little difficulty.


Multiple Configurations

Multiple Configurations

The TransSteel 2200, 2700, and 3000 compact are all available in multi-process packages as well as MIG only packages. Water cooling is available for the TransSteel 5000.

  • No spool gun needed for aluminum welding.
  • TIG pulsing for greater puddle control.
  • Stick Hot Start for trouble free ignition.
Advanced Processes

Advanced Processes

Fronius synergic lines make it easy for you to have the perfect weld seam. The Fronius R&D department has spent years perfecting the ideal settings to make the perfect weld.

Great results guaranteed!

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Welding has never been simpler. Fronius systems are designed with you in mind.

  • Synergic welding, just set one parameter and weld!
  • Ergonomic torches make welding for hours easy.
  • Simple menu design makes swapping jobs a breeze


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